The name Ultrasaurus comes from Latin and means “ultralagart”. He lived in the Cretaceous period about 100 million years ago in Asia. This name had been used for a Jurassic dinosaur, but this unofficial publication so the name remained and this dinosaur was called Ultrasauros, however it believes that it was actually not a dinosaur but a mixture of bones that was classified as such.

It is believed to have been up to 30 meters long and weighed up to 50 tons. They most likely traveled in herds, and being so large they had to travel from place to place looking for food sources. The Ultrasaurus, just as other sauropods hatched from eggs, these eggs have been found in a linear pattern and not in nests like other dinosaurs, so it is believed that the Ultrasaurus laid eggs while walking and that they definitely did not care for their eggs.

The Ultrasaurus had an extremely long neck and an illogically long tail, not only this but its legs were also long a peculiar feature in dinosaurs of this length. Because his extremities were so long and that is why it is believed that his heart was one of the strongest that could have been found, especially to be able to pump blood to the most remote places of his body was like a great pump that had a great power. Being so big he probably walked very slowly, this also has to do with saving energy so as not to need so much food.

This dinosaur was found in Kyosang Pukdo in South Korea, a humerus and other remains were found in what was called the Dogyedong formation by Korean archaeologist Kim Hang-Mook in 1983. He was the first to coin the name Ultrasaurus for this great dinosaur and officially publish it. It was believed to be one of the largest dinosaurs, but further research revealed that it was not as large as originally thought by Kim Hang-Mook. Which led him to find a big dinosaur but not the biggest of them all.

This dinosaur, probably because of its location, has not been widely studied and its deep characteristics are not yet fully known, which is why many of its characteristics still remain in the dark.

The Ultrasaurus like other known Sauropods was herbivorous, i.e. they ate plants. In general, because of the place where he lived, it has been theorized that he ate conifers and tree ferns, which were basically the plants he could reach. Because they could weigh up to 80 tons, they needed a lot of weight and needed to eat constantly. An impediment to eating all the food they needed was first that they ate a lot and second that they ate together, as they lived in herds. This issue caused them to migrate from one place to another in search of food. They literally ran out of forests and traveled to find a new forest.

Surely like other sauropods he had a very efficient digestive system, so he could keep the dinosaur alive as he migrated to places with more food. This type of digestion caused the food to remain in digestion for long periods of time giving nutrition to the dinosaur while it found a new food source.

What makes the Ultrasaurus special are all the misunderstandings and mysteries surrounding its discovery. First, as mentioned earlier, Jim Jensen, who was part of Bringham Young University in Colorado, believed he had found the largest dinosaur in history and called it “Ultrasaurus. However, it was in 1983 that he was found by Kim Hang-Mook, who has characteristics very similar to Jensen’s dinosaur and equally enormous, yet his mistake was quickly corrected as they realized that he had confused two bones by mistakenly calculating their size. So far all these confusions have created controversy and have resulted in this dinosaur not being studied as deeply as other dinosaurs.

Where else can you find him?

Unfortunately due to the many doubts about this dinosaur there are not many references and representations of this dinosaur. However, in some videos and video games that face dinosaurs it is a common contender, and there are also some toy lines that represent it as a robotic dinosaur.