The name Torvosaurus comes from the Greek “torvus” meaning wild and from “sauros” meaning lizard, so his name ends up being “wild lizard”, his specific name is Tanneri, was described and named by Peter M. Galton and James A. Jensen in 1979. We know only one species of it and it is a Megalosaurid theropod that lived approximately 150 million years ago in the Jurassic, more specifically in the Kimeridgian. Average about 9 meters long and about two tons in weight. It was the largest carnivore of its time along with the Epanterias and the Saurophaganax. He had very short but very powerful arms. It should be mentioned that it was much faster than other dinosaurs, despite its size, making it a large and very fearsome predator.

Remains of Torvosaurus have been found in North America and Portugal. In 1971 a huge toe claw was discovered by Vivian Jones, in Colorado specifically in Moffat County. This claw was shown to James Alvin Jensen, who was a collector at the University of Birgham. In making this discovery it was thought that there might be some other important remnants so Vivian Jones’ husband, Eddie Jones, took Jensen to the place where the other remains were found. In this place they found abundant bones of Teropods. In addition to Torvosaurus they found traces of Supersaurus,.

The Torvosaurus Tanneri was described in 1979 by Peter Malcon Galton and Jensen. As early as 1985 Jensen found a huge amount of additional material, including many parts of the skull. In 1991 some remains were found in Colorado, these were described by Brooks Britt in 1991, this discovery brought much information and knowledge about the Torvosaurus. Already in 2006 a new group of bones was found in Portugal, this time an almost complete jawbone was found that measured much more than the remains that had been found in America, it is estimated that this specimen had a skull that measured more than one meter, so it was reconsidered and increased in size.

The Torvosaurus was the largest carnivore of its time, it had to compete for food with the Epanterias, it is believed to have been an Allosaurus and Saurophaganax. It was a really big dinosaur so it needed a lot of food, but it had no problem because it was fully equipped with powerful jaws and large, pointed teeth. In addition to all this it should be mentioned that although his hands were small, his claws were sharp and powerful, his arms were a little bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Torvosaurus probably ate dinosaur-eating plants like Stegosaurus or some Sauropod. There are some others who say that because of the large amount of food he needed, he was probably not only a predator, but also a scavenger, that is, he fed on the prey of others or on dead animals.

Without a doubt, the size of the Torvosaurus is the most interesting thing, especially the controversies about it and the great number of discoveries that have been made, especially the most recent ones. The first bones were found in North America, these remains indicated that the Torvosaurus could measure up to 9 meters and weigh about 2 tons. However, the remains found in Portugal suggest that the Torvosaurus was actually much larger. The American jaw measured about 47 cm. while the Portuguese jawbone was about 63 centimetres long. This measure can be compared with the largest Tyrannosaurus ever found, this makes the Torvosaurus one of the largest Theropods, in fact by the finding of a femur which is the leg bone, the size of the Torvosaurus has been estimated at 11 meters.

The Torvosaurus made its appearance in the series Dinosaur Revolution, in this series there is an episode specially dedicated to him where he has an important role, you can also find it in Dino Rey, and in some videos, where of course, for being an incredible predator, faces other dinosaurs.