Supersaurus literally means “Super Lizard”, it is a sauropod dinosaur with diplodoxy, only one species of this dinosaur is known. He lived during the Jurassic period approximately 150 million years ago in North America and Asia. It is believed that he is a close relative of the Brachiosaurus, although it is worth mentioning that he is larger than he is because he could have been up to 16 meters tall and 35 meters long, he weighed about 40 tons, there are some who think he might even be a little more, so it is speculated that he may have been the largest known sauropod.

He had a small skull, strong legs and a very long neck and tail. It is believed that he had very limited neck mobility, especially vertically. Their front legs were shorter than their hind legs, they were about the size and shape of those of an elephant, with five fingers, plus one finger on each of their legs had a claw that they probably used to protect against predators.

It was discovered in 1985, in fact it is one of the most recent dinosaurs to be discovered even though it lived in the Lower Cretaceous. Only a few bones were found: part of his scapula measuring about 2.4 meters long, some vertebrae of his neck were also found. These bones were found in the very famous M√≥rrison Formation in Colorado, USA. A more complete specimen was recently found, named “Jimbo” and found in Converse, Wyoming. This site is still being excavated for new fossils.

This new discovery made the experts seriously doubt his relationship with the diplócidos and think that he is more related to the Apatosaurus. However, this theory is still being studied and there is nothing proven.

The Supersaurus fed on huge amounts of plants, so it was a herbivore, believed to eat about 2,500 kilos of plants a day. Because of its heavy weight, it is believed that it only lived on dry land, because otherwise it could have sunk in swampy areas or with quicksand. It is believed that he swallowed whole leaves without even chewing them, so just like other dinosaurs he probably had gastrophy (stones in his stomach) that allowed him to digest food. He had flat teeth that allowed him to pull out as many plants as possible. Probably their primary food source was conifers and horsetail. This may be because of the position of the plants that could be found near the soil where the Supersaurus were looking for food. They would probably also eat many of the plants found on their way and from pastures.

James Jensen was the one who discovered this dinosaur, in fact he was the one who incorrectly described the Ultrasaurus, which turned out to be a mixture of different bones, in fact it was part Brachiosaurus and part Supersaurus, perhaps because of this his study was much more interesting and careful to avoid any possible subsequent mistakes. Studies have shown that the Supersaurus was one of the longest animals ever discovered, this site had been given mainly to the Apatosaurus, but now it is believed that the Supersaurus was much larger. It had an extremely long neck and an equally long, whip-shaped tail. Overall, it could be the size of an airplane, even longer. Because of the size of his neck and his poor mobility, he kept his head close to the ground, where he also looked for plants to eat. The lack of mobility was due in part to the size of her neck bones which were really massive, so she could not turn around quickly. Its special size characteristic and the particular features of its neck make it stand out among other dinosaurs.

The Supersaurus is not so famous in the media, this is because it is of recent discovery and on the other hand because there are many better known dinosaurs that also have similar characteristics, however some toy firms have started with modest attempts to publicize them, so you will probably soon find it in some video game on the Internet.