The Stymoloch was a dinosaur belonging to the family of the paquicephalosaurus, its name comes from the Greek and means the Styx demon that was the river of death for the Greeks, this was a river that crossed the earth and reached Hades or Hell. The Stygimoloch were discovered in Hell Creek or Hell’s Creek which is in Montana and Wymoming hence this name suited him well. Moloch on the other hand was a Semitic god who, according to the myth, fed on children and was demon-shaped. These two stories gave a perfect name to this horned dinosaur that looks pretty scary, basically when they discovered it they thought it was a horned demon.

This dinosaur of which only one species is known is a margino-cephalon that lived 65 million years ago in what is known as the Upper Cretaceous, mostly lived in North America, by the time experts believe it shared space with the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. A very interesting thing to note about this dinosaur is that it lived in herds, although there were many dinosaurs that lived together both carnivores and herbivores, the Stygimoloch was one of the most peculiar. His front legs were short, his hind legs were much shorter and he had a very long tail, which was mainly used to maintain his balance. One of its most interesting features is that it had more than one horn on its head that made it look impressive. It could reach 3 meters long and 2 meters high.

It was not one of the largest dinosaurs but it is the largest in its family. His head was relatively small the skull that was found measured about 46 cm. his head was rather flat, we can say that it was pear-shaped, is one of the most peculiar heads that can be found among the dinosaurs that are known.

The Stygimoloch was first described by paleontologists Peter Galton and Hans-Dieter in 1983. However, it took a long time to fully classify it. At first, it was not known whether it was a new dinosaur or whether it belonged to a known species, but it was not until 1995 that an almost complete skeleton was found, these remains were found by Triebold and at first it was thought to be a Pachycphalosaurus, but soon after the remains were presented at a dinosaur convention where they were described in detail and it was then that he was recognized as a new dinosaur. This discovery was very important because not only was the Styimoloch described, but also the Pachyplalosaurs were described in detail.

The Stygimoloch ate plants, that is to say that it was herbivorous, this is known because by the form of its teeth, they are more or less like those that had the Stegosaurus, the only difference is that in the front part it had incisor teeth, it was not flat, they are rather like our front teeth. His mouth was very interesting because it ended in a peak, like many other plant eaters, he probably ate pkantas from the forest because that’s where he lived. This dinosaur was particular because although it was bipedal, that is to say that it walked on two feet, it ate plants; for a time it was theorized about the possibility that it had fed on small lizards, this because due to the balance that its tail gave it could have been a very good runner, but this theory has been discarded because of its teeth and its beak, also because the rest of its family ate plants.

The Stygimoloch had a very small head, however it had a very elaborate head, it was more complex than any other dinosaur of its kind. It had small short, cone-shaped horns all over its nose, and at the back of its head it had really large horns that could measure up to 15 cm in length and were mostly thick, up to 5 cm thick. These horns were surrounded by other small horns, about 3 cm thick. As always when it comes to dinosaurs there is enormous controversy about the function of all these horns, because of their small heads it is not believed that they had a practical use, as for example to hunt, it was rather to stand out among other males in their herd; an example of this would be to defend themselves by locking the horns and pushing themselves more or less as some deer do and could also have been used to hurt their opponents. Although it is not believed that they could work with other dinosaurs, but definitely all the horns made it look very scary and surely not many dinosaurs would have decided to mess with it.

Where else can you find him?

Because of his fearsome appearance he is one of the favorites to be portrayed and contrary to what you think he is not always portrayed as a villain. You can see him on Dinosaur Train where he appears as a friend of the protagonists, also in the popular Disney Dinosaur movie. The Pokémon series was based on its structure to create Rampardos.