The Spinosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs we know of, it was so big that we can compare it to two elephants together. The Spinosaurus was bigger than the Tyrannosaurus and the Gigantosaurus, but they were much heavier than him, they had much more volume. The Spinosaurus were rather thin and long, estimated to be 12 to 18 meters long and weighing about 20 tons, which is what two large cars would weigh together. It is believed that he lived in Africa during the Lower Cenomanian in the Cretaceous newspaper, he lived about 100 million years ago.

The Spinosaurus was a very particular dinosaur that had a narrow skull that we could say resembles that of some reptiles today more or less like a crocodile. However, its main characteristic is that it had thorns in its back connected to its skin that grew up to 1.65 meters high, there are two versions of how they were composed: the first suggests that they formed a kind of candle with membranes between each spine and the second that were surrounded by fat, so it could store water for difficult times. In general it was very similar to some amphibian reptiles and it is said that it could live both in water and on land.

The spinosaurus gives the name to the Spinosauridae Family, which has two subfamilies, Baryonchinae and Spinosaurinae, the difference between them is where the dinosaurs lived, some in England or Central Africa.

The first fossils were found in Egypt around 1910 by Ernst Stromer although these remains were destroyed during a bombing in World War II. Some remains were almost miraculously saved as they were rescued and kept in a safe place due to the imminent bombing. However, most of them were destroyed, but they were rescued and have been extensively studied and new research was carried out based on them, which led to their better classification. On the other hand, new traces of this dinosaur have been found more recently and new discoveries have been made about its lifestyle. In addition, recent discoveries of their relationship with other dinosaurs have brought us closer to the Spinosaurus.

The Spinosaurus were excellent hunters not only for their size which gave them ample advantages because without much trouble they could catch prey that kept the largest of the dinosaurs energetically. However, the most interesting thing about Spinosaurus’ food is that since they could live both in the water and on land, there are many studies that think that besides being an excellent predator, they believe that they were also a predator in the water and that they could also be an excellent fisherman. This idea comes from the shape of his skull, also because he had conical teeth that are thought to be excellent for holding slippery prey and a long, narrow snout.

Its main virtue is precisely what gives it its name and this is the thorns on its back. The most accepted theory about them is that they could function like a sail on a ship or sailboat, which would have brought them countless advantages. It should be noted that there is evidence to tell us that if the sail broke the Spinosaurus could die. There are many hypotheses about the importance of his spine based on his environment and the time he lived. The first is that it gave him temperature regulation, especially if he spent many hours in the water, helping him to cool down or warm up if necessary.

It is also speculated that depending on the sex the Spinosaurus had different colors in the candle which helped them to find a mate during the mating season, the show was surely incredible with these huge dinosaurs. There is also a theory that it helped him to fish by creating a shadow to attract more fish and catch them, but the main function it is believed to have had was to help him to navigate in the water just like a sail.

Where else can you find him?

This large predator played the central role in Jurassic Park III, in fact in this film it kills the Tyrannosaurus. You can also see it in the documentary Planetasaurus, in fact here you can see a lot of his habits as an aquatic predator. He also has a very unfortunate participation in Monsters Resurrected and a small participation in Dinosaur King.