The Saurophaganax has a very particular name meaning “supreme among the killer lizards” and is a very particular dinosaur. The Saurophaganax lived during the Jurassic period about 150 million years ago between the Kimeridgian and Titonian in North America. This dinosaur was an extremely large carnivore, it was so large that it has been considered the supreme carnivore. It could measure up to 12 meters long and almost 4 meters high, and could weigh up to 4 tons according to its age and development. One of the features you can look for to differentiate this dinosaur is that it had a kind of blade or crest at the base of its back and of course what has been described as chevrons, which look like hand axes. It was undoubtedly the largest carnivore to live in the Upper Jurassic in North America.

Some experts believe that Saurophaganax may be a species of Allosaurus. Also, much of the research on Saurophagus reveals that many of the remains are probably from Saurophaganax. Their identification has been really difficult and has brought countless disputes between experts. Although at the end of the day it is believed that the Saurophaganax is an independent dinosaur, fortunately new fossil discoveries will help to clarify all the doubts about the Saurophaganax.

In 1931 and 1932 John Willis Stovall discovered a series of remains in Oklahoma, much later in 1941 he was named as Saurophaganax maximus by John Willis Stobal himself, in an article. This article did not include any in-depth description and only gave news of the discovery. Much later in 1950, Stovall finally described his discoveries. In 1987, however, Spencer George Lucas completed a thorough description of his bones and was able to describe them much more accurately.

The Saurophaganax is the official fossil of Oklahoma, one of the most complete Saurophaganax can be found at the Sam Noble Natural History Museum in Oklahoma. Although many pieces have been found in Oklahoma, a femur, vertebrae of the tail and part of her hip were found in New Mexico. Thanks to recent discoveries it has been possible to state that Saurophaganax is probably the longest of its contemporaries. Unfortunately, not as many remains have been found as one would like to be able to affirm it or even to know more about its life and habits.

This large dinosaur was undoubtedly a dangerous predator, because of its large size and characteristics, first because it needed a lot of food. An adult Saurophaganax, one of the largest, would have to consume an impressive amount of meat, so it is believed that not only were they excellent hunters able to provide food for their large bodies, but they also used to steal food from other predators, this would not only allow him to have food without making so much effort and therefore wasting energy, but it would also allow him to complete his diet and also get rid of some other predators he was competing with for food.

It should also be mentioned that carnivorous dinosaurs ate any other smaller dinosaurs, so this large dinosaur had many food options, plus the Saurophaganax had a keen eye and speed as well as some intelligence to maneuver and catch their prey.

Saurophaganax, as mentioned above, is one of the late Jurassic carnivores in North America. Chure, a scholar of this dinosaur, said that he may have been able to reach 14 meters, but there are many who doubt this measure. It is considered a large carnivore not only because of its size but also because of its ability to catch prey or perhaps take prey from others, as its large size as well as the large herbivores needed a lot of food to survive. His contemporaries were Torvosaurus and Allosaurus, although when their remains were found many more were found Allosaurus and Tovosaurus.

Where else can you find him?

Perhaps the Saurophaganax is most famous in Dino Rey, you can even find on the page a short description and important points about this dinosaur. There is also more than one videogame and website that presents him facing another dinosaur, this probably because he is a super-predator.