The name of the Eoraptor means Dawn Hunter or Dawn Thief, this name comes from Latin and is formed from Eoque which means Dawn, and Raptor which it shares with other dinosaurs and which means Thief. We only know one species of it, the Eoraptor Lunensis, this name was given because it was discovered in a place called the Valley of the Moon. It is believed to be a prosauropod although there are still many doubts about it. He lived in the Triassic period 230 million years ago in South America. This dinosaur is one of the oldest dinosaurs ever found and many experts believe that it could be the common ancestor of all the other dinosaurs and that it has skeletons in excellent condition.

The Eoraptor could measure up to one meter long and 30 centimeters high, in fact, calculations have been made that lead us to believe that it could weigh around 10 kilos. His hands had 5 fingers and very long arms, and his legs tell us that he was a great runner, each one with four fingers. Sy tail was slightly long and as with other dinosaurs it helped him to maintain balance, if we add to this that he had a short neck and an elongated skull, besides being small and having a light body, we can infer that he could run at higher speeds than other dinosaurs of the same size.

It is important to mention that the Eoraptor was digitized, that is to say that it walked on the tips of the fingers of the legs, of course this gave it great speed.

The discovery of the Eoraptor is very recent, it was discovered in 1991 by Ricardo Martínez, and it was really a great discovery. Ricardo Martinez was a student working with a relatively large group of scientists working in the Valley of the Moon, the curious thing about the story is that the remains were found almost by chance; when they left the place Martinez saw a piece of rock that shone a little with the sun. When he picked it up he could see that it was actually the fossils of some teeth, in this place excavations were made, it was Martinez himself who discovered the skull and at the end a skeleton almost complete.

In later research it was discovered that it was one of the first dinosaurs to appear in the dinosaur era. The Valley of the Moon was ideal for this because it was covered with vegetation and rivers, which, although rare, probably laid the foundations for the proliferation and evolution of dinosaurs.

The Eoraptor was definitely a carnivore, we can see this from its very sharp teeth and claws, it is believed that most of it fed on reptiles, insects and small mammals. As for his teeth, there is some debate because others believe that the heterodontics he had were adapted to eat plants, and so it is thought that his diet could have been complemented by plants and that he was an omnivore feeding on both meat and plants. Surely with his great speed he could chase his prey and capture them with his strong claws, he was as good a hunter as one of his most fearsome descendants, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The most special thing about the Eoraptor is that it was one of the first dinosaurs to walk on earth. In the analysis made in 1993 it was discovered that he lived on earth approximately 230 million years ago, which makes him one of the oldest dinosaurs we know of, and that many of its characteristics are very primitive compared to more evolved dinosaurs.

The experts were able to tell how many years ago the Eoraptor lived because it did not have some characteristics that other more specialized dinosaurs show. Its jaw is different from any other carnivore in that the lower part does not have a reinforcement that helped it hold large prey. Not all of his teeth were curved and sharp, a common feature in other dinosaurs. Besides, we can’t forget that he had five fingers, which is unusual. There are other dinosaurs that are believed to be older than him however there are many debates about it.

Where else can you find him?

Because this is such a newly discovered dinosaur, it is not yet possible to find it in movies or video games, however there are toy lines that are beginning to include it.