centrosaurus walking

The name Centrosaurus means “sharp-pointed reptile” because of the series of horns it had. Centrosaurus was a ceratopsian and lived in the Cretaceous 75 million years ago in North America. The Centrosaurus was about 6 meters long and had a horn over its nose, which was not discovered until later, this horn had different curves depending on the specimen. On the other hand we can find that he also had horns over his eyes and a steering wheel around his head that was of medium size. His legs were very wide and he had padded toes, this layer of fat allowed him to have balance of his weight, this pillow can remind a little to the feet of the elephants. His front legs were shorter than his hind legs. It is believed that these legs allowed him to turn quickly.

It is easy to confuse some of the ceratopsians, but they certainly had different characteristics, for example what differentiates the Triceratops from the Centrosaurus is the number of horns they had, while the Triceratops had three horns the Centrosaurus had only one, what they had in common is that they used these horns to attract potential partners and also to intimidate predators as tyrants.

Lawrence Lambe was the one who discovered the first fossil of Centrosaurus, it was discovered in Alberta, Canada, to be more exact in the Red Deer River, in this area there are what are called bone deposits, meaning that many remains of dinosaurs could be found in one place, especially Centrosaurus. The Centrosaurus is in fact a dinosaur of which many remains have been found since another group of remains was found in the Provincial Dinosaur Park, also in Canada. It is believed that bone deposits are very large, in fact they can measure up to miles, in fact it is believed that these deposits may contain thousands of specimens that are yet to be discovered. In fact, it is believed that so many dinosaurs died together in a catastrophic event or when crossing a river.

Being a ceratopsid the Centrosaurus was a herbivore, its mouth was specially designed to do this, especially they were designed to chew vegetables that are very hard, so it needed to chew them constantly in order to digest them, in fact their work was so intense that they had special and strong muscles to support the chewing and make it effective. The Centrosaurus cut the plants with its beak, it is also worth mentioning that unlike other dinosaurs that ate plants, the Centrosaurus had very sharp teeth, and if they were worn they would come out again, so it was a very effective eater.

Centrosaurus is very special because due to the large number of bones that have been found, it has not only been possible to reconstruct the way it looked but also the way it lived. Thanks to this it is known that he could be as big as an elephant and had a horn in his muzzle, his body was rather wide and he could remember more like a rhinoceros. It is known that they lived in quite large herds, and the most impressive thing is that they had a well-armed and intelligent strategy, when a predator came, the males formed a circle around the weakest of the herd, that is to say the offspring, with their horns ready to attack. The wall they formed was very difficult for predators to penetrate, however ferocious and large they were.

Also, living in herds and being so large, they could cause stampedes when they fled. On the other hand when some predators found them alone, they could also face them because they could face them like bulls, it is one of the few dinosaurs that really used their horn and actually

The Centrosaurus can be found in many toy lines, many of them can be confused with triceratops which are the most famous dinosaurs, but remember that they have only one horn, in fact you can also distinguish them by the little horns they had over their eyes. On the other hand on many websites it is the favorite dinosaur to face many tyrannosaurids or larger dinosaurs, so you can find some videos of the Centrosaurus fighting with other dinosaurs.