Apatosaurus recreationIts name means misleading lizard this was because when they found its bones, they thought it was a Masasaurus, because the remains were incredibly similar. The Apatosaurus are saurpopod diplodócios, they lived about 150 million years ago in North America during the Jurassic period. A curious fact is the Apatosaurus are also called Brontosaurus and was one of the first dinosaurs to be displayed complete.

The Brontosaurus or Apatosaurus, were quadrupeds as well as a very long neck and a tail that could look like a whip. Like many other dinosaurs that walked on all fours, the front legs were shorter than the back legs, both the tail and the long neck were kept in the air when they walked. They are considered one of the largest animals that could have existed, measuring about 4.5 meters high and up to 26 meters long and could weigh up to 24 tons, about 4 cars.

The Apatosaurus had a very special characteristic that many herbivores did not have, a claw on the front leg and on the toes of the hind legs. Another of the most important characteristics was that it had very large ribs which made it extremely large and its legs were also large, robust and much more robust than those of the elephants.

The remains of the Apatosaurus have been found mainly in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah in part of what is known as the Quarry Quarry. By the time the head was found in 1975, a complete body had already been found and had been on display at the Natural History Museum at Yale since 1905.

Already in 1877 Othniel Charles Marsh discovered the remains of an Apatosaurus and in 1877 found other larger remains that he classified as another type of dinosaur that he called Brontosaurus which means thunder lizard, because of the large number of vertebrae he had. However, in 1903, it was discovered that both specimens were the same dinosaur, only the first one, which they called Apatosaurus, was much younger. It was until 1974 that the name Brontosaurus was removed because Apatosaurus was the first name by which it was described.

Although they had claws on their legs and it was remarkably large, it was not a predator, it had teeth that were chisel-shaped, shallow, so it is believed that they were herbivorous, that is to say they ate plants. Like other dinosaurs with weak teeth, it is likely that the Apatosaurus had swallowed stones or gastrophy to help them digest, as their teeth were not enough to chew on most plants that were highly fibrous and difficult to destroy completely. This happened to many other dinosaurs that had to resort to the same system in order to digest and use their food.

First his large neck, which was extremely wide and long, was believed to have air sacks so it was lighter than it looked and this is the only way the Apatosaurus could support his large neck. It was also believed to have thorns in its vertebrae, and it should be noted that its tail was unusual for the dinosaur family to which it belonged. But without a doubt, their most interesting feature was their massive size, even until 1979 it was thought that they did not live on land, but in water, but this was discarded as it was discovered that thanks to the size of their tail and neck, they swung and could live without problem on land. Because of this weight, they did not lift their necks or tails, but walked with their tails and necks horizontal, in a straight line. It is also believed that these dinosaurs grew very fast, reaching their full size in about 8 years.

One of the most interesting things about its whip-shaped tail is that it could hit the ground and produce a bomb-like burst that would scare any predator, according to studies it must have sounded more or less like an explosion.

It was an important part of the documentary Walking with Dinosaurs, you can also see it in the film The Lost World, in King Kong. Although in most movies you can find it under the name of Brontosaurus, which is the most common, many times they are portrayed as the good dinosaurs in movies and have been a bit modified, showing it a little different than it really was.